NYC Fire Wire - 2nd Annual NYC Firefighter Stair Climb 2016

2nd Annual NYC Firefighter Stair Climb 2016

2nd Annual NYC Firefighter Stair Climb 2016

Sunday March 13, 2016, the 2nd Annual NYC Firefighters Stair Climb was held at 4 World Trade Center. This is an event ran by firefighters for firefighters. The goal: to follow in the foot steps of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01. And, at every turn of the corner during this event, it was a constant reminder. 'Monumental Pride' Engine 76/Tower Ladder 22 really went above and beyond running this event. Pictures lined the stair case, family pictures of our lost brothers. If that wasn't motivation enough, when you reached the top, profile pictures displayed on the windows with the new World Trade Center in the background.

343 New York City Fire Department members reached the stairs on 9/11, in attempt to save as many lives as possible, 343 never made it out. In addition, retired Captain James Corrigan L-10, retired Firefighters Philip Hayes E-217 & William Wren L-166 all worked as Fire Safety Directors for the World Trade Center, had lost their lives. Most notable of their actions that day, was when they breached a wall of the 1st floor day care to evacuate the children because the exits were blocked by other evacuating civilians. Keith Roma of the New York Fire Patrol also lost his life responding that day.

A moment of silence was held at the Memorial Pool, followed by a group picture, then the climb. The event was extremely organized with the help of numerous volunteers at the sign up desk, on various floors handing out water and ofcourse at the top to help the arriving members doff their gear and cool down.

NYC Fire Wire staff were there photographing the event.

Location (Map)

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