NYC Fire Wire - Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava 4 Alarm Fire

Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava 4 Alarm Fire

Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava 4 Alarm Fire

Sunday May 1st, 2016, the FDNY responded to a 911 call reporting a Church fire at 15 W 25 Street between Broadway & 6th Aves. The fire location was the Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava.

Constructed between 1850-1855, this Cathedral was 1st home of Trinity Chapel Complex but was sold to Serbian Eastern Orthodox parish in 1942, opening as the Cathedral of Saint Sava in 1944. In 1968, the church was listed as a New York City Landmark and  in 1982 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

18:49 Box 0632 was transmitted for a Church fire on West 25 Street between 6th & B'Way.

18:49 E-1, E-3, E-26, L-24, TL-7, Bn-7 assigned.

18:53 E-16, TL-21 (FAST), Rescue 1, Squad 18, Bn-6, Div.1 assigned due to numerous calls

18:53 E-1/L-24 arrived. Engine 1 officer transmitted the 10-75 (Working Fire)

18:57 2nd Alarm by Bn-7. E-14, E-34, E-65, L-3, L-4, Bn-9, Bn-2, Bn-8, E-9 with Sattelite 1, Field Com, Tac 1, Field Com Batt, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt,

E-35(Communications Unit), TL-9

19:04 All members ordered to exit the fire building, going to exterior attack.

19:04 Div.1 transmits the 3rd alarm. E-5, E-54, E-24, E-21, L-5, Bn-1, Mask Service

19:12 L-20 assigned as FAST, TL-21 being used for master stream ops. Bn-10, Bn-11, Rac 1 special called.

19:20 TL-1, TL-115 & TL-18 special called.

19:46 4th Alarm transmitted by Car 4. E-33, E-23, E-8, E-55, TL, 12, Bn-4 assigned

21:11 Fire placed Probably will hold by orders of the Chief of Department.

21:42 Fire placed Under Control by orders of the Chief of Department.

Numerous units assigned for relief purposes and to maintain a watch line through out the night and following day.

Location (Map)

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