NYC Fire Wire - All Hands/10-77 at 75 CPW

All Hands/10-77 at 75 CPW

Saturday April 9th, 2016, The Cavemen Engine 40/Tower Ladder 35 responded 1st due to a reported smoke on the 9th floor at 75 Central Park West, corner of West 67 Street. A room of fire was discovered by TL-35 in apt 9D of a 15 story fireproof high rise residential multiple dwelling, the 9th Battalion transmitted the 10-77. 35 confined the fire to the room of origin while Engine 40 hooked up and stretched off of the stand pipe. The fire was knocked down by Engine 40 and contained to the 1 room in the apartment. No injuries were reported and fire is under investigation.

Initial Alarm:

E-40, E-23, E-74, E-39, TL-35, L-25, Bn-9

On the 10-77:

E-39, E-54(High Rise Nozzle), Squad 18, E-44 (CFR), L-16(FAST), L-4, L-2, Bn-11, Bn-10, Bn-8, Rescue 1, Div.3, RAC1, FIeld Com, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt, E-22 with High Rise 2

EMS 08E3, 11A1, 5N, 09V1, C11, C16, HT11, C071, 11Y3,  MR21, MV11, LS41

Location (Map)

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