NYC Fire Wire - Brooklyn 6th Alarm

Brooklyn 6th Alarm

Brooklyn 6th Alarm

Sunday April 24th 2016, FDNY Companies in East New York were turned out for a reported house fire at 270 Arlington Ave between Elton & Linwood Streets.

Initial assignment included E-332/L-175, E-233/L-176, E-231 and the 44 Battalion. 3 minutes later, E-332/L-175 arrived and transmitted the 10-75. 

18:26 10-75 transmitted: Assignment  included E-290, Squad 252, L-156(FAST) acting TL-120, Bn-39, Rescue 2 and Division 15.

18:27 Signal 2-2 (2nd Alarm Transmitted) E-225/TL-107, E-293, E-271 acting 233, E-236, TL-120, Bn-37, Bn-38, Bn-28, E-210 w/Satellite 6, Field Com, Tac2, Rescue Batt, Safety Batt,  E-279(Communications Unit)

18:36 Signal 3-3 (3rd Alarm Trasmitted) E-222, E-234/L-123, E-214, E-310, L-103, Bn-58, Mask Service Unit. Special Called above the 3-3 TL-124, TL-111, TL-135, L-125.

19:11 Signal 4-4 (4th Alarm Transmitted) E-227, E-283, E-257, E-291, TL-142, L-174, Bn-57

19:53 Signal 5-5 (5th Alarm Transmitted) E-286, E-227, E-218, E-217, L-112, L-161, Bn-41.

20:42 10-88 code 2 transmitted (Probably Will Hold.) 20:44 L-140 assigned to replace FAST.

TL-146, TL-157, TL-9 acting 119

21:36 6th Alarm transmitted- E-236, E-285, E-221 acting 277, E-235, L-143, L-113, Bn-48, Bn-35

23:53 10-88 code 4 (Under Control) transmitted.

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