And the Tradition Continues....

On Thursday, the #FDNY promoted Captains to Battalion Chiefs at a ceremony at the FDNY Training Academy on Randalls Island known as 'The Rock'. One of the promotions was Chris Eysser, TL-120. Chris is following his father, George Eysser's footsteps in the FDNY. George passed away June 13, 2015 from 9/11 related illness, before that he was a part of the FDNY for 40 years. Chris's uncle, Herb Eysser was a long time Manhattan Dispatcher 124.

Chris Eysser's FDNY career began in 1995, when he went into the academy. His rotations included 'The Nut House' TL-111, then over to the Border Patrol E-304 for a year, then a year with El's Angels E-294 before he returned home to The Nut House TL-111. Chris was very into the job and the books, in 2003 he was promoted from 111 to Lieutenant. After a year of bouncing, he found his spot at The Tonka Truck TL-124. In 2010, Chris was promoted to Captain, and after 3 years, he made TL-120 his new home. Watkins Street E-231/TL-120/Bn-44 is a house with a lot of tradition. 120 is a very busy truck in both running and fire duty. They also pride their tradition of being a family company: 16 men set a footprint in the firehouse that they proudly handed down to their son(s). While Chris's father didn't work in 120, they proudly welcomed the son of a great Chief on this job. And Chris didn't disappoint. Taking the position of Company Commander, Chris is a great guy to work with. He is always ready to share his knowlege and experience. Which made saying good bye hard. But Chris was prepared to go out with a bang. Friday April 8th, Chris Eysser worked his final tour as a Captain of 120 Truck. In a 15 hour night tour, 120 had 8 runs, 1 of which was a job.

10:28pm: Phone Alarm- Residential, 414 Sutter, Sackman - Powell, Both companies 1st due, fire apt 1G 1st floor. Turn out! E-231, E-290, E-283, TL-120, L-103 & Bn-44 assigned. Upon arrival, Watkins Street companies were faced with fire venting from a window on the 1st floor of a 14 story brick projects 50x250. On the 10-75 transmission, E-332, Squad 252, Rescue 2, L-175 FAST, Bn-58 & Division 15 were assigned. Shortly after, The 44 upgraded to a 10-77(HiRise Residential Fire), bringing in E-233 with High Rise Nozzle, E-227 CFR-D, L-176, TL-170, Bn-38, Bn-37, Field Comm, Rescue Batt & Safety Batt. Engine 231 stretched from the Engine while Captain Chris Eysser led TL-120's inside team into the fire apartment to search for victims and confine the fire to the room of origin. The wet stuff hit the red stuff, building was vented and the brothers took their experience back to the firehouse kitchen to share the good memories each will hold of working with Chris Eysser. As of 0900hrs Saturday April 9th, 2016, Chris is official an FDNY Battalion Chief.