NYC Fire Wire - Fireboat McKean off to it's 2nd life

Fireboat McKean off to it's 2nd life

Fireboat McKean off to it's 2nd life

March 17th, 2016

Fireboat McKean (Marine 1) has been purchased and is off to begin it's 2nd life. In the Begining of March, 2016, Michael Kaphan and Edward Taylor purchased the fire boat from the City of New York at auction with plans to relocate it to Sleepy Hollow to be a part of their restaurant on the Hudson Harbor waterfront development. The new owners plan to keep the ship's name and honor it's history.

The 129 foot boat was built in 1954 and nicknamed after Marine Engineer John D McKean. McKean worked in Engine 85(Fireboat James Duane), on September 17th, 1953, he was detailed to Engine 51(Fireboat George B McClellan) for a water display in the New York Harbor. The display was for a group of state senators and assemblymen. A condenser in the engine room blew it's top and scalded Engineer McKean. McKean succumbed to his injuries on September 24th, 1953. McKean was 43 years old, married and had 2 children.

At 129 feet, Fireboat John D McKean weighed 334.75 gross tons. It's height above water including the tower is 47 1/2 feet. She is propelled by 2 1,000 HP Enterprise direct reversible diesel engines that provide a speed of 16 MPH. 2 more 1,000 HP Enterprise engines drive 4 centrifugal pumps, with an output of 14,000 GPM.

On September 11th, 2001, Fireboat McKean responded to the World Trade Center. She arrived next to the sea wall and the crew loaded more than 200 civilians whom were then transported to the New Jersey side of the river where they recieved medical attention. She then served as a source of positive water supply to the site and lower Manhattan as the water grid was affected by the building collapsing. 

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