NYC Fire Wire - Combine Effort saves stranded tourist.

Combine Effort saves stranded tourist.

In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday June 9th, 2016, a 19 year old London tourist couldn't sleep, so he left his place of stay in Jersey City with the intention of heading to the City that never sleeps. He made his way to the Newport Yacht Club & Marina, where he walked out onto a floating dock, but the dock broke free, sending him into the New York Harbor. Initially, his cell phone was wet and unable to operate, but after 2 hours, the stranded tourist was able to call for help. NYC 911 system entered his information in and started the Emergency response, but the call dropped before being connected to FDNY. But the FDNY Dispatchers didn't sit back and wait, in an aggressive attempt to pinpoint the caller, the dispatchers conducted a 10-7 (Verify call back). Once connected to the stranded tourist, our dispatchers kept him on the line, while guiding Marine 1 & 6. "Marine 6 to Manhattan, does this boat have a little white light?", was asked on Manhattan frequency when they found something small floating in the rough waters near Liberty Island. Both boats arrived and the tourst was loaded onto the small boat and transported to Battery Park Pier A, where EMS was waiting their arrival. A combination effort between FDNY Dispatchers and Marine Division led to the sucessful rescue of this individual. Taking pride in your response area is something members of the FDNY take seriously. The Marine Division know's the City's waterways, they traverse them daily taking in the conditions for their size up. Every fire company conducts inspections and familiarization drills in their administrative districts. Our Fire Dispatchers also have a relatively good knowlege of the boro they are assigned to. From the office, they must monitor changing weather and traffic conditions. The dispatcher who placed the 10-7, knew the strong waters of the New York Harbor, and knew that if it was outgoing tide, the victim would be out in the Atlantic Ocean in no time. At the end of the day, it is all in a day's work. Another life saved by the FDNY.

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