NYC Fire Wire - Hunter EMS Accident

Hunter EMS Accident

Hunter EMS Accident

This afternoon, an ambulance from a private company, Hunter, was involved in a fatal accident on the Southern State Pkwy in the Lakeview Fire District of Nassau County, Long Island, NY. The members of Lakeview FD and Nassau County Police ESU worked hard to extricate and treat the heavily pinned driver, crew and patient. Unfortunately, local media is reporting the driver of the ambulance has passed due to traumatic injuries as well as the patient on board. The latest word on the street is that the technician that rode in the back with the patient has thus far survived the accident suffering traumatic injuries to his lower extremities. This luck is credited to his use of the safety restraints. This is a lesson to all of us, fire truck or ambulance. I will be the 1st to admit that I don't like to use the seatbelts when tech'ing, I feel I have to be able to move about for equipment, but we may never know what exactly caused the ambulance to veer off the road and into the overpass, but all it takes is 1 thing, another driver not paying attention, mechanical malfunction, and it will happen with out warning.

NYC Fire Wire extends our condolences to Hunter EMS and all of their employees suffering the lost of their co-worker. It is a sad, terrible day in the EMS world. We share the pictures of the accident scene in hopes it will open your eyes as it did to ours of the importance of using your seatbelts while riding a vehicle in motion, even if it's a fire truck/engine or ambulance.

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Brooklyn 6th Alarm
NYC Sweet Spot: Arthur Avenue

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