Mike Prior's last tour

Tonight is a big night for the Corona Tigers. FF Mike Prior is working his last tour after 35 years with the City of New York.

It all began in January 1981, when Mike joined the NYPD, but by November '81, he jumped across the floor to the FDNY. When he graduated the fire acadmy, he was assigned to Ladder 156 "The Highway". In August '83, Mike made the Corona Tigers his home, Tower Ladder 138. Working in 2 great shops, Mike learned from the best of the best which shaped him into the great firefighter he is today. In 1996, Mike became a seated chaufeur in 138, a seat he will own tonight until the sun rises. In the morning, Mike will break bread with his brothers for the last time on the job with the FDNY.

Mike was always ready to pass on his knowlege and experience, especially to his boys who joined him on the job. Matt Prior, Mike's oldest, works in TL-155, Kris in L-132 and his youngest, JT is in E-332. 

What's next for Mike? His first grandkid is due in August. Sounds like he wants to be there to start molding a new firefighter from day 1.

The admin of NYC Fire Wire would like to congradulate Mike Prior on your long, sucessful career. Have a happy and healthy 2nd life! Collect as long as you can, you deserve it.