Why Firehouse of the Month?

Fire departments all over the country have had their fair share of incidents where extraordinary circumstances took place to save the lives of others. We believe that when these events happen, the responding firehouses deserve more recognition.

The Mission:

We understand that some departments aren’t as fortunate as others in terms of fundraising and budget. It’s our goal to utilize our platform to highlight the bravery of a specific firehouse each month and give them the opportunity to use our platform to raise money. This not only benefits the selected firehouse, but also benefits the area they serve. Whether they use the money to boost morale, or use it to finance new equipment, we want to ensure that every donation improves the lives of the responders and the surrounding community.


  • Submissions must be of an incident where firefighters went above and beyond to save the life of a person
  • The submission requires either a news article of the incident, or a briefing written by the Chief of department
  • The applying firehouse needs a website or link to either a donation form or page to buy apparel for fundraising
  • The applying department needs to have social media accounts and also follow the NYC Fire Wire social media accounts

Selected Applicants:

Once you’ve been chosen as the Firehouse of the Month, we will share a link to your department website or donation link every week until the end of the month. You will be required to share each post to your department social media accounts.


Selected applicants will be in charge of monitoring any donations or fundraising orders. We expect that any orders placed are properly shipped to the buyer. If orders can’t be fulfilled, you must refund the buyer. Any complaints, or violations of this disclaimer will result in cancellation of Firehouse of the Month posts, and your department will not be considered again.