Citywide Incident Management System


Citywide Incident Management System (CIMS)

May 14, 2004, the Mayor & OEM released a Citywide Incident Management System plan patterned after FEMA national model NIMS.

CIMS is City of New York’s implementation of the NIMS to address New York City’s specific incident management requirements.

The FDNY Core Competencies are:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Pre-hospital emergency medical care
  • Search & Rescue
  • Structural evacuation
  • CBRN/Hazmat life safety operations & Mass Decon
  • Arson Investigation (Cause & Origin)

 Single Command Structure, the Incident Commander is solely responsible (within the confined of his/her authority) for establishing incident management objectives & strategies. In a Unified Command, the individuals designated by their agencies jointly determine objectives, strategies, plans & priorities and work together to execute integrated tactical operations and maximize the use of assigned resources.

Single Agency Command Incidents:

Auto Extrication – 1st arriving agency

Boat in distress – 1st arriving agency

Confined Space – FDNY

Downed tree – FDNY

Elevator Incident or Emergency – FDNY

Entrapment/Impalement – FDNY

Fire – FDNY

Structural Collapse – FDNY

Citywide Cyber Incident – NYPD / DOITT

Emotionally Disturbed Person – NYPD

Explosive Device/Bomb Threat – NYPD

Hostage Incident – NYPD

Sniper Incident – NYPD

Special Event – NYPD

Suspicious Package – NYPD

Water/Ice Rescue – NYPD

Unified Command:

Aviation Incident

CBRN/Hazmat non-terrorism

Public Health Emergency


Natural Disaster/Weather

Rail Incident