October 8th in FDNY history

In the Line of Duty

FF Thomas Casey, Ladder 52. October 8th, 1958

FF Casey was injured & died almost instantly during drill. He was tillering the ladder truck back & forth at the drill site. First aid was given immediately & he was pronounced by a department doctor.

FF Peter F McLaughlin, Rescue 4. October 8th, 1995

Box 7396 40-04 36th Avenue.

FF McLaughlin was searching for victims at a 3 alarm fire when the room he was in flashed. The fireball melted his bunker gear & burned the soles of his boots off. His escape was blocked by window gates. 2 other members of Rescue 4 were burned but survived. FF McLaughlin was farther in the room than the other 2 when it flashed. He was a 7 year veteran & 31 years old.