Plastic Surgery: Are you ready for a change? (part 2)

In order to determine how serious the motives for surgery are, think about the following questions:

* aren't your hopes groundless? No one guarantees that the elimination of an obvious physical defect will improve your life in the sexual, professional or social sphere.
* are you going to have surgery just because you have lost confidence in yourself or are disappointed in your life? If so, are you sure that your failures are related to your shortcomings.
* do you decide to have surgery because it is necessary for you, or in order to please someone else?
* do you expect that surgery will make you beautiful? It is not very reasonable to focus on the aesthetic ideal.
* do you think that surgery will give you the strength to change other aspects of your life? This is quite possible, although there is no guarantee that improving your appearance will improve your prospects in life.
* do you hope that surgery can stop the aging process of your body? Such a hope is justified to a certain extent within the possibilities of "anti-aging" surgery, especially on the face, but this "stop" sometimes goes too far. It is possible to slow down the visible signs of aging, especially of the face, but the body will get older at a natural rate. Some surgeons say that it is possible to determine when a person has performed plastic surgery on his face, because his face is smooth, without wrinkles, and he moves according to his age, for example, 70 years. The desire to preserve your appearance is natural, but maybe you shouldn't rush into surgery, even if it's hard for you to see how your face changes with age?

Who is not recommended to have plastic surgery?

People suffering from hemophilia have an increased risk of complications after any surgical intervention. Patients with diabetes also need to exercise great caution when thinking about surgical intervention, which is not vital for them.

For those who suffer from any heart diseases, anesthesia is not recommended, but in some cases surgical interventions can be performed under local anesthesia using sedatives.

For people who are going through severe emotional trials, we strongly recommend not to make a decision about plastic surgery at such a moment. You can do this when you feel completely healthy.

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