February 9th in the FDNY

Assistant Engineer George A Erlacher, Battalion 2. February 9th, 1873.

Injured January 17th, 1873, died February 9th, 1873

Box 38- 183 Water Street, Manhattan

Asst Engineer Erlacher was thrown from a hose tender while responding. At Peck Slip & Water St, the tender of Engine 12 was upset when it ran over a pile of ice. Asst Engineer Erlacher in command of the 2nd Battalion, who was riding on the tender, was thrown off & struck his head on the curb.

FF John W Leary, Ladder 122. February 9th, 1946

MIA February 8th, 1946- Declared dead February 9th, 1946.

US Army in Germany.

FF Leary was killed in Germany while leading a patrol. As an Army Lieutenant, he was crossing the Our River from Luxembourg into Germany to knock out 2 German bunkers. The first bunker destroyed, he was wounded in the second attack with small arms fire to the chest. The Germans were reinforcing the bunker & the American’s position was being overrun. Leary stayed behind & gave covering fire so his men could escape. His body was not recovered & the war department listed him presumed dead on February 9th, 1946.

Captain William L Casey, Engine 218. February 9th, 1955

Box 356 – Park Ave & Sumner Place, Brooklyn.

Heart attack.

FF William Prechtel, Engine 28. February 9th, 1956

A group of school children were visiting quarters for a civics lesson. Seeing several firemen slide down the pole thrilled them. Fireman Prechtel slid the pole & after stepping away from it, he collapsed of a heart attack. He was 44 years old & married.