FireWire Top 5: Worst People in the Firehouse

In this series of FireWire Top 5 we go the opposite of our top 5 best people in the firehouse. Today we discuss the worst types of people/personalities that you’ll run into if you’re a firefighter. Hopefully none of us fall into these categories, but if you find yourself saying “Hey that’s me!” While reading this, it may be time to look in the mirror.

#5. “IKE”

“IKE” stands for “I Know Everything”. These are the types of people that always think they know better than the next guy. Nothing worse than explaining something or trying to figure something out, and you have this guy barging in with his 2 cents. Even worse is when they get corrected by somebody else, but still have something to say. As annoying as these people are, they’re easy enough to ignore.

#4. The “I got 20 years!” Guy

These people may be far and few in between, but if you have one in your firehouse you know how they are. Constantly going after people with less time than them, always the loudest in the room when it comes to nonsense, and always have something to say. Oh, and they hate getting called out. Even if they say the most ridiculous thing and somebody counters it, they bring out the ‘Ole reliable “I got 20 years in this place!” as a way to try and shut someone up. Also, within their “20 year career” they haven’t really brought much to the table. Again, super annoying, but can definitely be ignored.

#3. The Trash Talker

Trash talkers are one of the most toxic people in the firehouse. Usually they try to corner someone who can be easily influenced, and they come in with a friendly attitude, but then they begin to tell you how they feel about a certain policy or person. They’ll never say anything to that person directly, but they’ll try and get everyone on their side and stir the pot. The good thing is that most people can pick this person out right away. If you get into a conversation with them, it’s best to not entertain any negative ideas they may bring to the table. It will only hurt you in the long run.

#2. Lazy People

This type of person may have all of the traits mentioned above combined. They are arguably one of the most dangerous people in the fire service. These are the types of people that don’t pull their weight around the firehouse, or the fireground. They will often avoid any type of physical work, or won’t involve themselves in training. If you find yourself with one of these people on your crew, just make sure to be extra cautious incase things get crazy. You may not be able to depend on them.

#1. The Media

Depending on the circumstances, this can be either a good thing or a bad thing. But given the topic of this article, this is by far the worst person/people in the firehouse. We all know how the media can stir things up. If they show up at your firehouse because something bad happened, you can guarantee more bad things are going to happen. It takes everyone at the firehouse to avoid situations like these. If the media shows up at the door of your firehouse, be sure to stay clear and push any questions to your superior officers.

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