October 11th in the FDNY

In the Line of Duty

FF Patrick J Quail, Ladder 18. October 11th, 1902

While running to an alarm for a window curtain fire, Ladder 18 ran upon the curb along Attorney Street turning onto Delancey. FF Patrick Quail, the tillerman, was thrown from his seat. He died at Bellevue Hospital 8 hours later from his injuries. The truck was turning the corner leaving the firehouse on Attorney Street but a short distance away. It was not going very fast at the point where Attorney street had been torn up by the East River Bridge contractors. The doctors found that Quail’s skull had been shattered. He was 28 years old.

FF Robert J Denney, Engine 294. October 11th, 1960

FF Denney fell through the polie hole in quarters. He fell 15 feet & received a fractured skull. He was a member of the department for 13 years, married with 2 children.

FF Richard Manetta, Ladder 156. October 11th, 2009

FF Manetta succumbed to 9/11 related illness.