Who Are The Grant Guys?

In our 16 th year, Grant-Guys Inc. is responsible for $66 MILLION in Federal and State grant funding for
career, combination and volunteer fire departments in nine states, territories and tribal nations. 99% of
our annual applications are for fire departments making the fire service and EMS service our primary
focus. Of particular pride is our nine year streak of consecutively awarded regional awards impacting
over 50 individual fire departments, hundreds of firefighters, and tens of thousands of civilians and
critical infrastructure.

About us:

Firefighter owned and operated Grant-Guys claims about 400 awards including the AFGP,
SAFER, FPS and the new NYS Volunteer Fire Infrastructure & Response Equipment Grant Program. Both
members of the same fire dept., Director Tom Devaney currently serves as 1 st Asst. Chief with 26 years
of service and founder and President Kevin has 39 years of service including six as Engine Captain/EMT
and Hazmat Technician. Tom is also Commissioner of a large Volunteer Ambulance Corps and A-EMT.

Our Approach

The application process differs from other grant writers. Initially we need to find the
right partner in our journey. And that includes clients that are serious about the process, respond to
questions quickly, and are honest and ethical by providing accurate data. But most of all, we need to
believe that these awards are needed and beyond your fiscal capabilities. In the event of an award we
will guide you through the acceptance process and immediately begin training your grant committee on
policies and procedures important to FEMA including documentation, inventory and procurement. We
provide instruction on proper management skills to make payments and audits as painless as possible!
Currently, there are millions of awarded dollars remaining unspent in the fire service and our goal is to
bring you to award status and get the items ordered, delivered, and in service to the community as
quickly as possible. Grant-Guys does not sell or recommend ANY fire equipment and accepts no
compensation from any manufacturer.

Grant writing fees are reimbursed by the federal government if your application is selected for award.
Don’t be misled by some grant-writers that claim 100% success rates. The fact is that any professional
grant writer knows this is a misrepresentation. If presented with that staggering claim ask the following
questions: what is your success rate for all of your applications in one program for one cycle?, for one
item?, for one client FD?, or a host of similar questions which will make you see the claim is bogus!
Grant-Guys only prepare applications for 20 eligible items and at reasonable costs. By taking this
approach, we believe we are positioning your agency in the best statistical position to receive funding.
We also encourage clients to think and plan strategically over time and in advance of future needs. Each
year, almost one half of our awardees were denied for an identical item in a prior cycle. All of our
applications are individually crafted from the ground up utilizing local statistics emphasizing regional
needs, budgetary constraints, and firefighter and community health and safety.

We don’t guarantee awards, only professional grantsmanship in line with our motto; “You fight the
fires, let us locate, write, submit, track and manage your state and federal grant applications and
At the end of the day, we are confident that you will come to see that grant writing is just one
less thing you need to learn and devote even more of your time to. The fire service including training
and alarms, jobs and family are much better things to devote your time and energy to, so let us handle
your fire grant writing and management needs.

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