Job Town Tools is a small, FDNY firefighter family owned business which makes tools that make first responders jobs easier, while also greatly helping the public. One of the mantra’s of the FDNY is “work smarter, not harder”. We are unique because we’re one of the first companies that really pushed through the lock tools and respectful entry. For us it’s great because we no longer need to babysit the door after an “assist EMS with entry” run and can be 10-8 for a fire. For the public it’s great because when grandma falls behind the door, she doesn’t have to worry about hiring a contractor when she gets out of the hospital.

While our initial focus was through the lock tools, we then shifted and started creating every type of tool that a firefighter has wished they had on them at one point or another. We sell our own patented design of a forcible entry wedge called the Billy GOAT Wedge which has a notch cut to sit perfectly on a door hinge to help keep the door open after forcing it. It’s made out of aircraft aluminum to help handle the beating we give it. We also sell various webbing kits and our Auto Rescue Tool that has a window punch and seatbelt cutter. The First Responder Kit is something that every single first responder should have in their car for all the various things we run into when off duty. Everyone should have a tourniquet nearby and The First Responder has that.

This company was formed in 2017 and releases multiple new tools yearly to help make our jobs easier and more effective. Stop supporting businesses overseas, but instead support American Businesses that have Tools that are Made in USA.

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