Our new premium feature is now available! Fire Wire has teamed up with our friends at Rapid Response to give our users a new tool to follow incidents. Now you can see the size-up screen many firefighters are seeing on the way to a fire!

Feature Details:

  • The incident page offers a button you can click which will bring you to the Rapid Response map.
  • The three maps on the page will show you a 360° – bird’s eye view of the incident location, a street view of the location, and also the nearest hydrants with approximate distance to the building.

With this new feature, our users at home can get a glimpse into the action and see what responding units will be heading into and what obstacles they will have to overcome.

Additionally, our users on the job will be able to drill on current and recent fires. This interactive mapping system will help them visualize how a firefighter should get to the rear, how the rigs should be positioned, and much more.

How can you implement this tool on the rigs at your fire station?

Introducing Rapid Response Co. A firefighter-operated company that was created to give firefighters a better size-up pre-arrival. This completely hands-free tool is the first firefighting software tailored exclusively to the members stretching lines and raising ladders. With many firehouses around the country already being served, they will come to your station as well as set up tablets on your rigs with the same mapping system custom to your area. For more information on their product or to contact them, you can visit their website at

We hope you’re just as excited as we are with this new iteration, and we hope it leads to quicker size up, greater user engagement and more drilling!

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