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Baptism by fire

March 14, 2022

2 Probationary Firefighters go to work less than a week after graduation

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Attention Long Island Followers

March 10, 2022

You can now track Long Island incidents on the NYC Fire Wire App! The NYC Fire Wire app tells you everything you need to know about the FDNY from incident notifications, firefighting history, and news in the Big Apple and other locations worldwide. Follow these instructions to view additional incidents on the app: Click Incidents…

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VIDEO: RVC Tanker Crash Footage

February 16, 2022

Fuel Tanker overturn in Rockville Center (Nassau) 02/16/2022 at around 01:00 hours a fuel tanker lost control and overturned igniting a huge fire and shutting down Sunrise Highway. Find out about all alarms across NYC and Long Island on the minute with the NYC Fire Wire App.

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California Fire Captain shot while operating

January 31, 2022

Capt. Max Fortuna, 47, killed this morning while operating Today, January 31, 2022, 11:00 hours, Stockton Fire Engine 2 responded to a dumpster fire at the intersection of Aurora Street & Washington Street. While operating, gunshots rang out, striking 21 year veteran- Captain Max Fortuna. A 67 year old man was detained at the scene…

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Lithium Ion Battery Fires

January 29, 2022

Over the past year, the FDNY responded to over 100 documented fires that were related to e-bikes & e-scooters. The origin of these fires is from the lithium-ion battery. Most cases, these fires have started while the unit was being charged. After a lithium ion fire is extinguished, be aware that the batteries can re-ignite.…

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AFTERMATH: Baltimore City Fire

January 24, 2022

Reported: 3 Firefighters Killed, 1 in critical condition. Approximately 06:00 hours on Monday 1/24/22., Baltimore City Fire responded to a two-alarm vacant row-home dwelling fire at 201 S Stricker St. While an aggressive interior attack was underway, a collapse occurred. 4 members required extensive extrication as they were buried under mounds of debris & structural…

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Obituary: Dennis Smith

January 24, 2022

Dennis Smith, Firefighter Who Wrote Best Sellers, Dies at 81 “Report From Engine Co. 82” was the first of his 16 books. He also started Firehouse magazine and was the founding chairman of the New York City Fire Museum. Dennis Smith, a teenage hellion and high school dropout who transformed himself into a famed New…

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January 18, 2022

Location: 769 Fox St. off Intervale Ave. At 11:00 E-82 arrived on scene at a post-explosion of 3 story row frame private dwelling. There were 9 total transported patients, 1 in critical condition. 5 of the patients were on-duty NYPD Officers. Units on scene: E-73, L-42, E-82, TL-31, E-46, E-42, E-44, L-19, TL-44, L-27, Bn-17,…

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Dalmatian from Iowa donated to Ladder 20

January 17, 2022

NEWS RECAP: Tank the Dalmatian from Perry, Iowa, arrived ready for duty in October. He will become the mascot dog for Ladder 20 in lower Manhattan. Tank is set to replace the dog Twenty, who was given to the Ladder company 20 years ago after they lost seven firefighters when the North Tower came down…

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FDNY Arson dog found traces of accelerant

December 27, 2020

An FDNY arson dog found traces of accelerant on three gloves inside the car of Eric Chen, the owner of a building that burned down December 19th in Elmhurst Queens, leaving three people dead & four others injured. Police & fire investigators were searching Chen’s home & Toyota 4Runner truck in Flushing Tuesday night when the canine made the discovery, …

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Latest News

Retired Batt Chief celebrates his 100th birthday

September 14, 2018

One day after the FDNY mourned the loss of its fallen brothers during the 9/11 attacks, members had a reason to celebrate. One of their own, former FDNY Chief John…

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Deputy Chief Ray Downey’s son leads FDNY on 17th anniversary of dad’s WTC death

September 12, 2018

FDNY Battalion Chief Joseph Downey is only doing what his hero father did before him.As fellow family members of FDNY Deputy Chief Ray Downey mourned his loss Tuesday on the…

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FDNY*EMT assaulted. NYPD are seeking this man

September 9, 2018

A city emergency medical technician was beaten by a patient and police want to find the man, authorities said Saturday. The 55-year-old FDNY EMT was treating the boozed up man…

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Deaths from 9/11 diseases will soon outnumber those lost on that fateful day

September 8, 2018

Seventeen years out from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, nearly 10,000 first responders and others who were in the World Trade Center area have been diagnosed with cancer. More than 2,000 deaths have…

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Engine 27 originally North River Engine Company

July 18, 2018

Among the volunteer fire companies that protected New Yorkers in the first half of the 19th century was the North River Engine Company.  Like the rest of the city’s volunteer force, the…

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Navy Seal no longer too old to join the FDNY

November 9, 2017

A decorated Navy SEAL is no longer “too old” to join the FDNY’s Bravest. On Veterans Day eve, Gov. Cuomo is poised to sign a bill to extend the window…

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February 10th in the FDNY

Lt John R Eastburn, Engine 54. February 10th, 1970 Retired FF Kevin T Murphy, Engine 166. February 10th, 2015 9/11…

February 9th in the FDNY

Assistant Engineer George A Erlacher, Battalion 2. February 9th, 1873. Injured January 17th, 1873, died February 9th, 1873 Box 38-…

February 7-8th in the FDNY

Retired EMS Lt Paige Humphries, Station 16. February 7th, 2021 EMS Lt Humphries died from 9/11 illness. FF David Muldrew…

February 4th in the FDNY

FF James P Smith, Engine 17. February 4th, 1885 Box 64, 58 Park Place Manhattan. FF Smith was operating on…

February 3rd in the FDNY

FF John Slowey, Lafayette Engine & FF George W Badger, Americus Engine 6. February 3rd, 1863 209 Cherry Street, Manhattan…

February 2nd in the FDNY

FF James W Kojac, Ladder 128. February 2nd, 1956 FF Kojac suffered a heart attack while operating at a 2…

January 31st in the FDNY

FF Arthur J Renk & FF Christopher Dressel, Engine 138(238). January 31st, 1904 FF Peter J Gaffeney Injured January 31st,…

January 29th in the FDNY

Lt James T Brown, Ladder 45. January 29th, 1922 Injured January 27th, 1922 – Died January 29th, 1922 Box 509…

Obituary: Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith, Firefighter Who Wrote Best Sellers, Dies at 81 “Report From Engine Co. 82” was the first of his…


The history of the Fire Service in New York began in 1648 during the administration of Governor Peter Stuyvesant, when…


Lithium Ion Battery Fires

Over the past year, the FDNY responded to over 100 documented fires that were related to e-bikes & e-scooters. The…

Schomburg Plaza Fire

March 22nd, 1987- a fire in a Harlem residential high rise shaped the way the FDNY operates at high rise…

Wind Driven Fire: Lionel Hampton

January 7th 1997 was a rather mild winter day, temperatures in the 40’s with wind gusts exceeding 30mph. These conditions would…

The Sweet Spot

NYC Sweet Spot: Arthur Avenue

Everyone stops by a firehouse for information. Working in Times Square, I feel as if we double up as tour…

Sweet spot #2. Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffé

The 2nd edition of NYC Fire Wire’s Sweet Spot series goes to the East Village in Manhattan. Veniero’s Pasticceria &…